We may be able to offer our courses in your community.

If you have 10 or more interested students, we can probably schedule a course for you in your community in the near future. When we travel outside of Las Cruces, our registration fees are increased on a per student basis to cover travel expenses for our instructors.

An appropriate local firing range facility will have to be available in order to arrange a course.

Just contact us so we can discuss details.

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Shooting and moving is an absolutely CRITICAL survival skill requirement in a gunfight!
Your psychological survival instinct will compel you to move, but the movement has to be effective and integrated with your ability to put MANY bullets into your threat. FAST!
Another video is of our students practicing some of the skill “layers” necessary for survival with a handgun.

Putting it all together

This video is a demonstration of “putting it all together” by one of our instructors. I should have been MOVING during that reload!!!

Shooting and MOVING!

Students from Border Tactical CCW Course practicing a critical shoot and move drill.

Students working on speed from the "low ready" position

Our training in offered in “layers” of performance.  You have to get each part down before you can move on to the next survival skill layer!

Kai, one of our CCW students going really FAST!

The timer does NOT lie.  Kai was able to produce 2 hits, center mass in .68 seconds from a low ready position. Our students ALL finish the course demonstrating a consistently high  level of performance.

The videos above further illustrate the basic survival concepts presented in our firearms training during our Concealed Carry Certification course.

We teach “combat shooting” NOT target shooting.

This course is appropriate for the new or novice shooter. You will be both surprised and pleased with your rapid skills development in this course!!

We are ready when you are. Come see us soon for a GREAT training experience because we LOVE what we do and watching our students LEARN and improve.